This epsiode is in English.

Andrea Aste is a multimedia artist known for his unique blend of images and words. He is a self-proclaimed magician who creates parallel worlds with his art, which ranges from animations to interior design, books, exhibitions, and Tarot decks. Andrea has a fascination with magic and fantasy, which is evident in his work. With his personalised style, Andrea has made a name for himself in the art world.

„I just look at the cards and wait for the cards to tell me their own stories.“

Andrea Aste

We talk about

  • the importance of imagination and dreaming
  • Andrea’s childhood and connection to Tarot
  • the creation of his latest deck which is in fact a multimedia experience
  • Tarot as a tool for introspection, storytelling, and improvisation exercises
  • Andrea’s favourite Tarot card and how they relate it to their current phase of life
  • his ritual for Tarot card readings
  • Andrea’s multicultural and inclusive approach to Tarot deck creation with varying skin tones, types of couples, and incorporation of elements from different religions and architecture
  • and many other things

Watch the video or listen to the episode:

Tarot-Talk Episode 24: Interview with Andrea Aste

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